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Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism: Strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic, temporarily not accepting tourists from high-risk areas to Qiong

Date: 2021-01-13

Continue to temporarily not resume entry and exit group tours and "air ticket + hotel" business.

On January 11, it was reported that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in my country is still severe and complicated. As the Spring Festival is approaching, Hainan's tourism has entered a stage of explosive growth. Frequent activities of various kinds and a large flow of people will increase the risk of epidemic transmission. According to the deployment and requirements of the Provincial Headquarters for Epidemic Prevention and Control, the Provincial Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs issued a notice a few days ago, requiring all cities, counties, tourism and cultural bureaus and tourism companies in the province to firmly establish the first awareness of epidemic prevention and control and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

The notice requires that all units and enterprises should effectively strengthen the risk assessment of business activities, equip protective equipment, carry out epidemic prevention publicity, do well in personnel epidemic prevention training, epidemic prevention investigation, implement environmental elimination, strengthen health monitoring of employees, and formulate epidemic prevention and control Prevention and control measures such as work plans and emergency response plans.

Travel agencies and online tourism companies must do a good job in the collection of tourist information, strictly control the number of teams, continue to temporarily not resume inbound and outbound team tours and "air ticket + hotel" business, and temporarily not invite tourists from medium and high-risk areas to come to Qiong or organize tourists to go there For tourism in medium and high-risk areas, it is necessary to strengthen pre-departure inspections and strictly implement the system of measuring body temperature and verifying health codes. People with abnormal body temperatures and non-green codes are not allowed to participate in the itinerary.

Tourist attractions should continue to implement the requirements of "limited, appointment, and off-peak" admission, and the number of tourists received shall not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity. It is necessary to insist on body temperature detection and check the Hainan Health Code, and only those with normal body temperature and a "green code" can enter the scenic spot. It is necessary to strengthen diversion in important tourist spots, viewing platforms, traffic junctions and other areas that are prone to tourist congestion to avoid crowds.

Theaters and other performance venues that are reopened must strictly implement personnel appointments and flow restrictions. Consumers must not exceed 75% of the theater seats. Seats should be separated from each other. Keep a distance of more than 1 meter. When entering the theater, you must wear a mask, measure your body temperature, and show your health. code.

At the same time, strictly approve and supervise activities such as cultural performances, sports competitions, exhibitions and sales, temporarily not approve crowd-intensive activities such as marathons, strictly control mass activities such as festival blessings, temple fairs, etc., strictly control the flow of people, designate access channels, and improve body temperature. Monitoring and emergency response preparations will not be approved for activities that do not meet the epidemic prevention and control and safety requirements.

The notice requires that all units take the initiative to publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, promptly release precautions for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of tourists on travel, and advocate family private gatherings and dinners to be controlled under 10 people. It is necessary to instruct travel-related companies to implement the nucleic acid test requirements for the personnel that should be checked 7 days before the trip. The number of meetings and gatherings should be controlled, and online meetings or video conferences should be held as much as possible. Events with more than 50 people should develop prevention and control plans and strictly implement them Relevant prevention and control measures.

The notice emphasizes that all units will further guide tourism, cultural and sports enterprises to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, consolidate the main responsibilities of enterprises for prevention and control, clarify emergency measures and handling procedures for epidemic prevention and control emergencies, and strengthen cooperation with health, transportation, public security and other departments The joint cooperation and cooperation of the epidemic prevention and control capabilities have improved. (* Article source: Hainan Daily)