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Beijing will build a tourist consumption cluster around the global theme park

Date: 2021-01-13

On the basis of ensuring that the Universal Theme Park opens as scheduled, plan the industrial space layout of the park in advance.

With the opening date of Universal Beijing Resort approaching, how to lay out the spillover effect of the Universal Theme Park industry has become a problem for the industry. On the morning of January 12, at the special economic development press conference of the series of theme press conferences in Beijing "Reviewing the 13th Five-Year Plan and Looking Forward to the 14th Five-Year Plan" organized by the Beijing Municipal Government Information Office, Lin Enquan, Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission introduced, During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we will actively build an international consumer center city, encourage the development of new consumer formats and models, promote the construction of an international consumer hub in the airport economic zone of Daxing International Airport, and create a tourist consumption cluster around the global theme park. Regarding how to build a tourism consumption gathering area around the global theme park, a reporter from the Beijing Business Daily also learned from Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone that the area will attract and cultivate a number of cultural and technological enterprises such as IP design, animation and games, performing arts and entertainment, and arrange a number of high Quality consumer facilities.

It is understood that in the future, Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone will further encourage the holding of international cultural and entertainment performances and exchange activities, relax market access restrictions on cultural and entertainment industries, tourism, etc., and hold international cultural and entertainment performances, art and sporting goods exhibitions and trade fairs. Allow foreign investment in cultural performance groups (must be controlled by the Chinese party) to optimize the approval of commercial performance licenses; at the same time, actively cooperate with top domestic and foreign projects to carry out the introduction and settlement of related projects such as film and television copyright, animation games, and art trading, and spare no effort Intensify reform and innovation, further deepen and consolidate the expansion of the service industry, comprehensively enhance the capacity of the service industry in the park to expand and open, and build a cultural tourism complex integrating technology, leisure, entertainment and fashion.

In addition to the opening of the Beijing Universal Resort this year, in September last year, Wangfujing Group also revealed that the group will fully promote the implementation of the duty-free business and develop three types of duty-free shops: port duty-free, outlying island duty-free and city duty-free. Among them, it is planned to build a commercial complex integrating tax and tax exemption in Beijing Universal Resort. It can be seen that in the future, the duty-free sector may also be part of the tourism consumption area.

Regarding the development of the Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily also learned from the district that on August 28 last year, according to the “Deepening the New Round of Beijing’s Service Industry Expansion and Opening up Comprehensive Pilot Program” approved by the State Council, a comprehensive demonstration of the expansion of the opening up of the national service industry was established. District Work Plan", agreed to take Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone as the leader to create a "new-type cultural, sports and tourism integrated development demonstration zone." Among them, Tongzhou Cultural Tourism District will also form a series of key open construction projects such as Beijing Universal Resort, International Talent Apartment, Art Exchange Center, and BTG Headquarters. At the same time, the cultural tourism area will integrate cultural tourism as a starting point and integrate with surrounding parks. The opening of the industry forms effective complementary linkages, and strives to build a "big cultural tourism" industry development with "Songzhuang original art in the north, Taihu performance town in the south, Zhangjiawan and urban green heart in the east, and a global theme resort in the east" pattern. Wu Dingyu, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Tongzhou Cultural Tourism District, also stated in an interview with a reporter from Beijing Business Daily that Tongzhou Cultural Tourism District will make full use of the important policy dividends of the construction of Beijing’s "two districts" and focus on building "culture + tourism" and "cultural The two high-tech industrial clusters "+Technology" and "Culture+International" plan the industrial space layout of the park in advance on the basis of ensuring that the global theme park opens as scheduled.

It is also reported that Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Zone has also reserved a number of hotels, real estate and cultural projects to fully absorb the spillover effects brought by the global theme park, promote the industrial implementation of the park in an orderly manner, and actively develop interactive, experiential and immersive cultural tourism The project focuses on building high-precision "cultural +" industrial clusters. At the same time, actively connect with the pilot free trade zone to achieve industrial synergy and regional joint development. (*Article source: Beijing Business Daily)