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Chengdu plans to build a Panda International Tourism Resort and has introduced 3 tens of billions of industrial projects

Date: 2021-03-11

An international panda super IP with content, sentiment, market and influence will soon debut. In order to promote the high-quality development of cultural tourism in Sichuan and make every effort to promote the construction of a famous tourism county in Tianfu, on the afternoon of March 10, it was revealed at the advanced seminar on the communication of giant panda culture held in Chenghua District, Chengdu, that Chengdu Panda International Tourism was planned and constructed from a high starting point in Chengdu. The resort will be unveiled soon. Among them, the core project panda base reconstruction and expansion project was completed in May this year and opened to the outside world before the Universiade. After completion, the scale of the project will be expanded three times to 3570 mu.

Expansion of the scale by 3 times, the first phase of the Panda Base Expansion Project is expected to be completed in May

The Red Star News reporter learned that Chengdu Panda International Tourism Resort is located in the northeast corner of Jincheng Park, involving three districts: Chenghua, Jinniu and Xindu. The planned total area is 35.36 square kilometers, of which the starting area is 11.02 square kilometers and the core area is 3.92 square kilometers. Kilometers. Focusing on the two core resources of the "Giant Panda Breeding Research Base" and the Beihu Ecological Park, the resort plans to build a panda IP full industrial chain system, taking "panda +, international +, tourism +" as the path to create a panda "strong nuclear IP" , Develop the "Panda+" multi-polar business format, and promote the integration and interaction of tourism and holiday product innovation and diverse consumption scenarios.

"As the core project of Chengdu Panda International Tourism Resort, one of the 66 industrial functional areas in Chengdu, the first phase of the Panda Base Expansion Project is expected to be fully completed in May this year." According to the relevant responsibility of the Chengdu Panda International Tourism Resort Management Committee According to people, the expansion project of the panda base will fully explore the value of the panda national treasure, and on the basis of scientific research and protection of pandas, integrate the development of panda IP resources, and create "panda + art", "panda + cultural and creative" and "panda + green road". "Panda + Performing Arts", "Panda + Food", "Panda + Research" and other new eco-tourism products with the theme of pan-panda culture, innovatively construct new consumption scenes with the theme of pandas.

"The project will also transform the traditional way of viewing pandas from a single way to an immersive, multi-dimensional viewing of pandas." According to reports, the new park will also add commercial facilities such as catering, cultural and creative, and cinema to build it into a world-class Giant panda protection demonstration site and a place where people and animals share a good time. The expanded panda base takes natural animals, free tourists, and free scientific researchers as its main goals to create the friendliest animal base in China.

Three tens of billions of projects have landed, Panda IP's entire industry chain system is beginning to take shape

What new surprises are there after playing the "Panda" card? The Red Star News reporter learned that through the implementation of "two lines, three areas and twelve sceneries" characteristic landscape modeling, slow green roads were built along both sides of Shulong Road and Panda Avenue, and panda cultural elements, themed symbols of the Universiade, plants and flowers were implanted. Landscape, Shulong Road and other panda landscape axes have been initially presented. At the same time, the highly anticipated "net celebrity check-in", "micro holiday park", "landscape flower sea" and other theme scenes are also being built.

"At present, the resort has introduced three tens of billions of industry projects, including the Chengdu Panda International Duty Free Resort Project of China Tourism Group, the Discovery Discovery of Chinese Culture Project, and the Legendary Park of Panda Cultural Tourism Park of Xiangyuan Holding Group." Management Committee of Chengdu Panda International Tourism Resort The relevant person in charge revealed that through in-depth cooperation with leading professional enterprises, the layout of the cultural and tourism industry in Chengdu Panda International Tourism Resort has been further optimized.

The national treasure "Panda" is undoubtedly the most distinctive theme of the resort. The reporter saw from the project plan that the leading industries in the region include three leading industries: "Panda·Science Popularization", "Panda·International Tourism", and "Panda·High-quality Cultural and Creative Industries". The project will create a world-renowned international tourism and vacation destination through four sub-formats of "science and technology exchange, education and research, themed amusement, and themed performing arts", relying on new consumption scenarios and a complete industrial chain.

In order to better serve tourists, Chengdu Panda International Tourism Resort has planned and laid out cultural and creative performing arts exhibition towns, theme hotel gathering areas, boutique plant exhibition gardens, agricultural farm landscape areas, exchange ports and other industrial spaces and other functional spaces.

According to reports, the resort will also carry out a series of eco-cultural tourism experience projects focusing on the cultural connotation of pandas to promote the efficient transformation of the urban ecological value of Chengdu parks.

Hotels, food, specialty commercial complexes... These areas release the potential of cultural tourism consumption

"In the future, we will focus on the integration of cultural, tourism and businessmen to develop urban boutique tours." According to the person in charge of the Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Chenghua District, taking catering as an example, the resort will introduce special catering with the theme of pandas. At the same time, for the leisure and holiday crowd, various types of local cuisine are arranged to meet the needs of tourists who come to taste local dishes. Focusing on the business crowd, the resort will gather domestic brand catering companies to meet the needs of their business banquet guests.

According to reports, in the future, in the building in this area, business and leisure will be developed with the theme of pandas, combined with business buildings, hotels and other resources, to attract high-end business consumers through business tourism, exhibition tourism, etc., and promote the development of compound commerce.

"All kinds of hotels in the layout will also be based on the theme of pandas." According to reports, in the future, the Beihu functional area and surrounding areas will be oriented towards tourism, business office, leisure and entertainment and other groups of high, middle and low grades, each with different characteristics, hotels and hotels. Including star hotels, resort hotels, business hotels, conference hotels, theme hotels and budget hotels.

In order to promote cultural and tourism consumption and meet the shopping needs of business people and tourists, the resort will also develop boutique shopping, focus on building a number of characteristic commercial complexes, and focus on the development of fashion buyer stores, designer stores, major department stores, and brand flagships Stores, directly-operated stores and other formats attract business travelers to consume locally.

The reporter learned that in the next step, the functional area will further attract major projects and leading companies in the six fields of "panda + science, education and research, boutique cultural and creative, high-end facilities, vacation and leisure, brand performance, and international amusement" from the world, and strive to start with content. , A sentimental, marketable and influential international panda super IP.

A world-class tourist destination that is suitable to travel, live and work can be expected in the future.