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Xi 'an in 2021 will boost the construction of harmony brigade project world of ice and snow, etc. 65

Date: 2021-02-22

On February 20th, xi 'an, local media reported that 2021 xian will be around the total target, construction of national central city a total of 740 municipal key projects, of which 473 key construction projects, with a total investment of 1.38 trillion yuan, annual plans to invest 395 billion yuan, is 1.4 times that of 2020.

Specifically, manufacturing project 109, with a total investment of 212.5 billion yuan, the annual investment of 75.1 billion yuan, 1.5 times that of 2020.New projects, 159, with a total investment of 341.3 billion yuan.Operating at more than 50% in the first quarter, more than 80% during the first half, achieve 100% construction on October 1.In addition, still arrange key prophase project 267, a total investment of 1.12 trillion yuan.

View property of new media to know, xi 'an city will boost 65 cultural tourism projects, the annual plans to invest 25.393 billion yuan, mainly has "memory" in xian "One Belt And One Road" cultural center, QuJiangWen gen center, reconstruction of the small wild goose pagoda culture area, xi 'an world of ice and snow, etc.

At the same time, pushing forward the construction of the ecological environmental protection project 48 year plans to invest 26.445 billion yuan, mainly have happy forest, lakes water system protection projects, ba river on both sides of the renovation projects;157 social construction and people's livelihood security project, annual plans to invest 112.216 billion yuan, mainly has 126 schools, 13 hospitals, harbor area shanty towns transformation, such as unity for urban renewal projects.