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APEC summit country gift packing box from dongguan corporation mingfeng

Date: 2015-01-23

2014 APEC (APEC) summit in China has ended, but the dongguan corporation mingfeng packaging is responsible for the production of the "key" Beijing city country gift packaging "grand palace gate" left a deep impression to the ambassador.
"Grand palace gate" inspired by the palace gate, express the meaning of the open city welcomes people from other countries, to fully demonstrate the Chinese vast country eclectic, most good neighbours gains demeanor, deepened the influence of Chinese culture "soft power" of the world. In the aspect of structure, the grand palace gate structure of double door panoramic display, is both a gift gift packaging is a stage, for the packaging and display, and the "Beijing city key" perfect fusion, hand in photograph reflect. The two color spray paint, on craft grand palace gate used to Chinese traditional metal rivet decoration, the box body integral style thick, easy.
"National gift" represents the highest level of creative gift countries, design, technology, is the highest level of products, must choose high grade, high level design of the packing process. Through the packaging directly reflects the "national gift" gift of image, for mingfeng packaging itself, this is a local companies for countries to show the "glorious mission" of the Chinese culture that is paid as a power, has the extremely high honor.
Mingfeng packaging Lai Peiming chairman said, country gift contains extremely profound significance, it carries with convey the theme, give thanks and blessings, show the image of China. But when barack Obama, vladimir putin and other leaders took the "national gift", or "left" the first impression gift packaging, therefore, help promote the intrinsic value of the "national gift" and give prize of packaging for the "glorious mission" has great significance.
We have learned, in the packaging industry, mingfeng has the title of "national gift packing profession", in addition to the APEC summit, mingfeng packaging also undertook the Beijing Olympic Games, the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the level of "national gift" meetings, activities such as packaging design, the manufacture of the product. In recent years, mingfeng packaging in many international top event souvenir packaging "appearance", from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to the 2012 Olympics in London, from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, from the 2010 Shanghai world expo to South Korea yeosu world expo in 2012, from the 2010 guangzhou Asian games to 2010 shenzhen universiade, the Singapore youth Olympic Games from 2010 to 2014 in nanjing youth Olympic Games have a gift on mingfeng packaging, fully embodies the "mingfeng packaging" brand in the high-end packaging industry influence.