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Dongguan college campus recruitment: colors, 15646 jobs

Date: 2014-11-27

Third year college campus recruitment yesterday held in guangdong institute of science and technology, 450 companies recruit to bring 15646 jobs site, there are 3280 graduates job seekers with a resume to apply for a job. Although turnout has full, job seekers is more rational compared to resume normal, no longer the shotgun at the same time, pay more attention to the career development space.
The sea no longer cast phenomenon
2 PM yesterday, originally started hiring, 40 points will usher in wave 1 point to graduates to apply for a job, wait for the official start of the, the number of recruiters gradually increased, until 3 PM, has been fully booked.
But with many contrasts, the resume is not much, the students graduates seemed kept wait-and-see attitude to the job fair.
Junior majoring in graphic design from colleges and universities Liu Mindong and classmates He Jianlin even after several real estate companies such design, finally threw a resume, "graduated from formal and for a period of time, hope to find a better platform, lest always job after graduation." Liu Mindong said. Jia-hui Yang for English majors, has not will be ready in a few resumes are invested, but chose a education training institutions. Recruiters are revealed and the education training institutions, last year also to the recruitment, after a lot of students threw resume to us, then turned to the other booths have a resume, but less this year.
Three Ming automation equipment co., LTD. Of shenzhen recruiters said: "many job seekers resume obviously cautious this year, no longer as the shotgun as usual."
To this, guangdong science and technology college recruit students employment office director HongMingFei is introduced, in order to help students to improve the efficiency of a job, before the recruitment season, schools have to job training, one is to be targeted to find, for example, before hiring, remind students to understand the enterprise information in advance, and ready to apply for the first try, avoid large area net.
Electricity jobs
It is understood that the school recruitment of enterprise, the manufacturing enterprises accounted for 6 into class, the manufacturing enterprise of hiring condition also appears relatively hot, engineering designers, mold manufacturing, such as position relatively popular, "the main reason is that fair face the main crowd are students, our school should be combined with our students to recruiters." HongMingFei is introduced.
In fact, the scene also presents an interesting phenomenon, last week at the exhibition held in international campus recruitment, electricity class position is very tight, but the increase in the number of electricity post although the job fairs, few students to apply for. Dongguan chaoyang information network co., LTD. Recruiters miss pang is a little bit worried: "with the development of the electric business, the company in this respect the talent demand is also increasing, today's recruitment targets is 30 people, but for one hour, only received 3 resumes." And dongguan dragon dealer network technology co., LTD. Miss ma also said, electricity, post and drove to the wages of 5000 yuan/month, but few people to pass the resume, the student to electricity seems to also do not know much about.
HongMingFei said about it, one is the school not to open a professional electrical contractor, when students to apply for a job may be based on professional development direction; 2 it is in front of the recruiting, the school has already had a special recruitment, marketing professional students have a lot of people signed job intention agreement, "all sorts of reasons cause the electricity class jobs."